Dreams and Reality, What happens, when they don’t meet?

Dream big, aim high, reach for the stars -- you might land on the sky. I'm a 21 years old whose ready to battle life's problems, and fight for so many advocacies.. (one too many) because I have a dream! Wait, that sounds familiar? Who said that... Oh right, Martin Luther King, and also everyone else. That's the… Continue reading Dreams and Reality, What happens, when they don’t meet?


beaches and shores, adventure galore.

I oft liken myself to a mere blush present on one's cheek soon to fade away     but as I lay on the sand I think of nothing good nor bad it is just me and the sky the clouds, getting dark I stand to roam around the waves are kissing my toes at… Continue reading beaches and shores, adventure galore.

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The Waves and Our Waste

I wrote this poem because I remembered my beautiful experience at La Union where I saw 2 different diapers stuck in the sand. I didn't even expect to see 1 let alone 2. People, clean up your shit. (literally)       Environmental advocacies, Sexual harassment atrocities, Political parties we choose to debate these profusely   "these… Continue reading The Waves and Our Waste

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In the mind of a psychopath

I'd like to disregard one of the topics that I've written before, it was entitled "Firearms and children", in the heat of the school shootings, I, like everybody else have been feeling confused and sad about the tragedy. In our scrambling pursuit to pinpoint why this keeps happening, the media has placed the blame on… Continue reading In the mind of a psychopath


it’s not about love anymore

“Shoot myself to love you; if I loved myself I’d be shooting you.” – Marilyn Manson   Your arms smile eyelashes were mine   But then I grew up and I chose you less I loved myself in this it ended my sadness   You seem so far away I can barely remember what you… Continue reading it’s not about love anymore